Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm Back.

Hello everyone, it is be so long time I didn't write this blog. Honestly, I really miss the moment when I shared everything on my blog. And now, I do write again. I want to share everything again in this site. So, welcome to my self cause I'm back and I will try to always update my experiences in here. I will not give you some reason why I didn't update this blog, but if you know I already get busy with my uni-life and so lazy to always update everything in this site. And one day, I realized that I have to make up my blog again. 

Lately, I am very care about healthy living. I always do yoga every week. I have undergone yoga about one year ago. As a human, we must care about our relation with God, with the other people, and with the nature. I believe when we always think to be positive, the nature will gives us the positive energy and positive ways too. And now, I want to share about healthy life. My mom always told me that we are what we ate and she thoughts that every people will never get long life when they always ate junk-food or maybe some like fat and actually like un-control nutrient. 

To be honest, many people says you are not enjoying your life when you not eating junk-food or some delicious foods. I'm not goody. Until now, I still eat some junk-food and much fat foods but I tried to said no with that. My mom and my sister do detoxing lately and you know so many difference with them. They only eat some smoothies, juice, fruits and vegetables for three days a week. Because I still going to the uni and do learn, my mom do not allow me to do detox. But, every morning I always drink some smoothies and I really love smoothies. 

My action to healthy living is not only didn't eat junk-food and drink smoothies every morning but I do yoga or zumba and jog three times a week. Zumba is very popular lately and I do that with my sister. Zumba is very helping us to sweat, as you know what you eat and there must be you spend. And the ways you spend is pee or sweat. Then now, I invited you to be health and make healthy life being part of your obligations. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Vacation

Its totally sudden trip for me actually, i just booked tickets 2 days before we went to do short trip with my family. Its summer holiday before we meet again with the daily routine and I really blessed that I can got this experiences. Its amazing trip and its really make us feel so happy. I just can share picture with you guys when I do summer holiday. You can check below :

For your information, I'm no longer using this blog to be my diary anymore because its too complicated to input the photos to my laptop and etc. And you can find me on my another website on my vscocam diary. You can search on : 

Thank you ! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's been very long time I didn't posting anything in this blog. Not because I'm busy but because I didn't have any experiences to share and I think it's better I'm quit for a moment and now I'm very ready to sharing with you again. However, actually I don't have any object to share right now but it is only my regards to you. I'm feeling so flat a few months ago there's no time to hang out with my friends and just having minimal time to others. For real, I hate that situation just like living in your loneliness and feel like whatever you doing is much boring.

Recently, I have some new interest that is a photography and make up. It's not a new world for me because my sister actually loved photography so much and we have some vintage camera [ you can check on my instagram ] then I have some review what application to edit to be more vintage and beautiful result. If you want to see the result, you could check my feed on instagram [@dwitakusnadi. ] My second interest is make up. Why? Because I really adore woman who having a beautiful skin and she can looks more adorable with or without make up. For me, it's a bless if you have beautiful face with no make up but make up can makes you more glowing and adorable with it. In these lately, I always browsing on youtube about make up and my favorite channel is Chloe Morello and Make Up by Camila2. You can learn how to thread your eyebrows, elegant looks, smokey eyes. The one of my favorite is Adriana Lima's Make up Tutorial on Chloe Morello that is my weekend make up as always.

There's my short story to you, and hope you like it!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, everyone! Remember that anything that you can do today is all because of His Cross. Outfit for today is not too much attribute. Looks so much simple, chic and fit on my body. 

I just make-up so simple and i really hope you like it! 

PULLANDBEAR bag and shoes, UNBRANDED jegging and blouse. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

בר מזל

Hey! I'm back on blog. I've got sick on a week ago and i just can bed rest for a week. And now, i have spare time then i choose to fill in my blog. I dont know what i supposed to write but i just want to post my photos lately. 

Im going addict to make-up lately, and when i browsing on youtube or blog i just looking for beauty make-up or something like that. I really really adore with those people have beauty and healthy skin and she could show her beauty also. You know, beauty is not only in outside but in your inside and what you eat too. Trying to be vegetarian is so much fun. Im not totally vegetarian but i just try to be. 

I just following pre-order make up by makemeupplease on instagram. If the packages was arrived, i will posting in this blog. And in this march, i still want a lot of things. First, i just want alexander wang's bag and perfume Candy by Prada. I have ones of prada candy but the big one. I need the small one <3 p="">

PS : Happy birthday to my sexiest bestfriend, Vladia Valenda! Wish you all the best and stay young! <33 nbsp="" p="">

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year

Hello! Happy Chinese new year for people who those celebrate it! I'm so grateful that i'm half chinese and half indonesian. At least, i got some "angpao". If you guys don't know about angpao you can search on google. I'll describe in outline, angpao is chinese tradition which giving money to the people unmarried and indirectly i got it from my daddy's family. China culture in my family are not so thick, but we celebrate it indeed. 

Chinese new year and valentine was adjacent date then if you chinese and you have partner in your life you could buy something to your sweetheart! (of course, for those of you who unmarried). 
Same like me, i got much angpao and i have a partner. And you know yesterday we were celebrated anniversary, he gave me watch and this is the time that i should give something to him. I have buy something for him and i know that he wanted it since a few weeks ago. And i hope he will like it!

Sorry for not posting outfit of the day when chinese new year but i did a polyvore for the outline about my outfit of that day! 

This is my inaugural show the gifts that i will giving to him on saturday and i will posting this picture on instagram on saturday too! 

Happy chinese new year!