Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indian Bohemian

Yesterday my friend asked me that she need a model cause she is the ones of my best friend, I just want to helping her. Then, she tell me her concept and I really looove her concept. I say yes, and we meet then we having photo shoot. I meet and exchange ideas with my new friend, Stevie. Stevie has a lot of fun concept of dress, interior and anything. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy mother's day for all the mother in the world. Special to my mom, I love her the fullest. In Indonesia actually mother's day right on December 22. But, I thought everyday could be mother's day. In these post, I just wanna posting about my oufit on sunday. We were happy family going to the curch and these is my outfit.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fujica M1

Yesterday my sister bought a camera, more precisely the old camera. It is camera seems like a lomo diana F+, but there are some difference between Fujica M1 and Diana F+. There is an excess which is not owned by Diana F+, but no shortage of which belonged to Diana F+. 

We sometimes discuss about camera (exactly about the old camera). Then we want to learn about camera more and more. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love make up, but it doesn't mean I use make up being my mask. I never using make up being my mask. Cause make up is the one way to ourself be more beautiful in front of the people. In these post, I would sharing about my make up. The plan is I will added my make up collection. The mascara, lipgloss and concealer is the one package that I have used when I should out of my home. 

Today, I will sharing about my lipgloss. I have bought lipgloss from Revlon. I really love the pink colour of my new lipgloss. So classic and so durable. I prefer pink than nude cause on top of my lips slightly dark, and the sales promotion told me that if I buying a nude colour its seems like I dont use a lipgloss. 


Red Velvet and Chocolate Caramel

Red Velvet is the one cake that so fashionable. I look every blog almost posting about red velvet. Then, I have to tried red velvet. I bought red velvet and chocolate caramel with my sister. So cute to look every cake. I dont know, I really loved dessert like ice cream, cake, mocktail, and etc. I bought red velvet at Island Creamery. I though that I have buy at Union or Convivium. Althought the price is expensive but I get a feedback is the real taste of red velvet. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Fashion theme as my background photo's. Sometimes, feel so boring when you get a photo and your background always same at every photo. Sometimes, I just want to go out from home and get an outdoor theme. But, in these latelty I have to focus on my college. 


A month ago, me and my friends bought a simple dress from online shop. But I dont know specific about the name of the shop. Not really good, but not too bad dress. I bought 2 dresses for me and my friend. Not look bad, but I hope my friend love what I gave. I bought a black colour and I gave my friend a navy blue colour. Until now, I haven't met yet with my friend. I hope I can meet her as soon as possible.