Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday me, my sitser and my mom going to the mall to find another pieces of shirt or blouse. Then I found a cutie shirt from Forever21 and I bought MAC mascara. I really love all the products by MAC. Look so gergous and had a great quality. After shopping, we have a lunch together then have a snack time also. Really love my quality time with my mom and sister.

Friday, June 22, 2012

We Were Happy

Sorry for the absent for a while. I really really get busy and I have to prepare my self to following the final examination. And now, I am free for 2 months later from today. Getting stress out and tense but I've done the best, really hope fully that I get deserving score. After me and my friends following the exam, we were going to mall to hang out together. 

We are chit chat and taking pictures together. That was really fun, but unfortunately there's 3 our friends who couldn't join with us. Not only taking pictures together, we trying to culinary together also. Really had a quality time with them. We were going to Michel's Patiserrie. Trying to blue velvet, chocolate mud, orange nutella and croissant. Plus ice chocolate.  

We have many talk about and I really enjoy it when I wasting my time together with them. I love them so mucho! 

Ps. What I wearing? I am wearing black basic tank top, black skinny jeans, bohemian outer from Pasar Senen, then dream catcher's necklace. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


4th June 2012, my boyfriend get birthday. And today he was 20 years old. Gettin' more older, but his face still like a baby. LOL! Happy birthday to Kevin! Praying that his day as special as him for today, and may Jesus bless every way his take. :)

I bought a cute shirtsleeve from Forever 21, and bought a wallet from Topman. I hope he will loved what I gave to him. Happy birthday, K!

Masculine Temper

I am sorry for the late post, I get a busy week today and totally haven't an inspiration to posting. And today, I will posting my photos with the masculine blouse that I bought from my friend. It is simple but I think it's cute! And I have a lomo diana+ comes back! I get from my boyfriend, my boo never used it then I take and used it. I will take photos and show you all :)