Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Begins with Cheerful

Hello everyone! I have no long time to check and posting my blog lately. Then now, I want to share my experiences again with you guys. Okey, in the beginning of September I decide to cut my hair being short (it's not really short but different from the usual) and I'm really happy because my family and my friend gave me so positive comments. 

Then, the second is my father birthday on September 5th and my mom, my sister and me give him a present that is parfume. And you know, he is so much like the parfume. Hope in these birthday my father can be the proud daddy in the world. And the third is my aunt getting married on September 6th. Congratulation to my aunt, I really proud of her. She is a brave woman with the good mind. When my aunt getting married, my family return to Solo, Central Java. You must see the beautiful views at there. 

Third months ago, I bought two pieces of clothes and batik's scraf but I always forgot to posting, and now I posting <3 p="p">


  1. I love your short hair! It is so cute and sassy!

  2. adorei o seu cantinho estou seguindo aqui se quiser me segue lá também bjos
    espero se sejamos amigas adoerei mesmo de coração.

  3. what a lovely haircut ;)

    thanks for visiting, I'm following you back now


  4. Your hair looks really great and I hope your father's birthday went wonderfully!!

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  5. hey! thanks for following me, i am now following ur blog too

  6. such lovely photos!! you look so cute :)

  7. You are gorgeous, that's for certain! I really love that photo of you with the flower - they are all so dreamy. Thanks for following me. I'm following you now too :) xo Marisa