Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September - October Things

September is my favorite month of the year. Why? Cause my birthday on that month. And I have a blast birthday these year. My boyfriend surprised me on 12.00 AM and he bring red velvet (maybe he knows I love red velvet so much). Then, in these year my parents give me an amazing present. They gave a gadget that I love the most. 

In these lately month, I am so blessed. I got so many stuffs. I bought by myself or another people gave me stuffs or birthday presents. 

i. Quilted Patent Wallet by Mango
ii. Dune by Dior Perfume 
iii. Tosca for my gadget case 
iv. Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui Perfume  
v. Moisturizer Glamorous by Ralph Lauren
vi. Electro Sunglasses 

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Spread Your Love With Puppies"

Animal not only as a human being in the world. Animal can be your friend. As a matter of fact animal can be more than your friends more precisely very very close friends. Animal never betray you and they called "loyal friend." For example is puppies. Besides cute they were innocent and smart animal. They can be trained and being a smart puppy. And now, this is the time! If you interesting to rear a puppy you could choose what kind of puppy that made you so interested. Then, you can call and booked a cute puppy. This is the picture of puppies that you could buy! For serious buyers and dog lovers! 

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Ps : If in these posting there's no picture that you desire you can asking my friend on her Yahoo Messenger to make sure the dog that you desire is available!