Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just A Little Story

I thought im not too late to say Merry Christmas? Yeah, merry christmas everyone! Hope you guys get a wonderful year-end. And His blessings always be with us in the beginning 2013. I have finished my exams on 3 weeks after that i get a result these week. Then, the result is so much bad. I dont know why, my mom said i took so many lessons thats why i got a bad result. I got failed 1 lesson, and i think i will study over again on semester 4/5. 

Okey, i dont wanna talk about this actually. In this posting, i will sharing my experiences. Yeah, about photography and what things i bought a few days ago. Yesterday, i scan my lomo and fujica old camera. And i will show you about the result. Some of the photos taken by me with my iPhone and some taken by my sister with her camera. Hope you like it! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nearly Christmas

Whats up guys? Sorry for the late posting. You know, I have followed my final exam in the third semesters. Then, now I am just like a bird feels so much freedom. I have very long holiday until mid-february. Maybe I've to making some reunion. I didn't thought that my finals ruin my day so fast lately. I am following the exam on 3 weeks and it is really made me so tired of thinking. And the good news is, christmas was nearly! I love the smell of christmas. Christmas tree, the lighting, the present and Santa Claus! 

And I will posting my photos from beginning of exam until the last day of exam. Enjoy it! --I've the christmas present from my mom that is bag from mango. Love it!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


The last month of every year. A month long-awaited. Christmas aromatic smell on everywhere. Are ready for christmas? But, I do not publish christmas on this beginning of December. 

Lately, I am in love with vanilla aroma. Even its perfume or aromatherapy. I bought a body mist Vanilla Lace from Victoria Secret & the smell so good for me. If you interesting with vanilla aromatherapy you can buy Yankee Candle with the Vanilla Cupcake flavor. Very recommended. 

I posted photo of my perfume collection,  my daily make up, my outfit of the day, and also photography on my instagram & sure you could follow me on that app. 

Enjoy your December!