Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year

Hello! Happy Chinese new year for people who those celebrate it! I'm so grateful that i'm half chinese and half indonesian. At least, i got some "angpao". If you guys don't know about angpao you can search on google. I'll describe in outline, angpao is chinese tradition which giving money to the people unmarried and indirectly i got it from my daddy's family. China culture in my family are not so thick, but we celebrate it indeed. 

Chinese new year and valentine was adjacent date then if you chinese and you have partner in your life you could buy something to your sweetheart! (of course, for those of you who unmarried). 
Same like me, i got much angpao and i have a partner. And you know yesterday we were celebrated anniversary, he gave me watch and this is the time that i should give something to him. I have buy something for him and i know that he wanted it since a few weeks ago. And i hope he will like it!

Sorry for not posting outfit of the day when chinese new year but i did a polyvore for the outline about my outfit of that day! 

This is my inaugural show the gifts that i will giving to him on saturday and i will posting this picture on instagram on saturday too! 

Happy chinese new year!


  1. fantastic bag

  2. Happy chinesenew year for you too!I love the look!
    Kisses dear

  3. your beautiful! happy chinese new year!
    you got a really nice blog!would love to follow each other!
    Just follow and leave a comment
    I alway's follow back!!!


  4. Happy Chinese New Year :) May I ask where is that top from? It is lovely.


  5. Happy Chinese New Year! In Rome some days ago it was celebrate this in the centre of city with the big big and beautiful fireworks!

  6. thx for your comment on my blog!
    I' following now!

  7. Hi darling, absolutely love this post, these pics are inspiringly fabulous!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. great blog, how i forgot to follow you back... ohhm, i'm sorry! for now on i'll follow those superb posts with the wonderful photos!
    i'm glad to find you :)

  9. You look sooo beautiful, dear!! Chic! :)

  10. Amazing things!!! LOVE it!!! :)