Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unconditional Love

Happy february! Sorry for the vacuum to filling in this blog. Ive get busy and get a bit confused what experiences that i could tell you guys! And now, i have something new experience and i hope when you read this post you don't think that i was showing off too much, i just want to try sharing my diary and experiences through this blog. 

Okey, everyone knows february is the month that will bring us love and huge compassion. I felt so much blessed because i celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend on every february & in every relationship you know people want to loved and loving and respect each other. Right on February 5 2013, we celebrate our fourth anniversary. I never imagine before i can through all the long time with him for sure. 

Even sometime he could be so nice, romantic, and being sweet. But sometimes he could be like a monster and being my enemy. He was so annoyed and he could makes me miss him so much. (HAHA! Trust me, im not persuade right now!)

Yes, yesterday we celebrate our fourth anniversary. He invited me to get a romantic dinner perhaps. He asked me to choose the restaurant, the place and the food. Then, i just choose Avorio Ristorante Italiano & Bar. The place much romantic and comfortable for us. And the surprise is he gave me watch by swatch. I felt uncomfortable now, because i didn't bring any things for him for our anniversary. But, keep my promise i will give him something (i will posting on next post). 

I could call its like unconditional love because he treat me very well until now. He never demand me to be like the other women and he never pretending me with someone else. 

Happy February! 


  1. This post is so sweet. Happy anniversary!


  2. Happy anniversary!