Monday, March 18, 2013

בר מזל

Hey! I'm back on blog. I've got sick on a week ago and i just can bed rest for a week. And now, i have spare time then i choose to fill in my blog. I dont know what i supposed to write but i just want to post my photos lately. 

Im going addict to make-up lately, and when i browsing on youtube or blog i just looking for beauty make-up or something like that. I really really adore with those people have beauty and healthy skin and she could show her beauty also. You know, beauty is not only in outside but in your inside and what you eat too. Trying to be vegetarian is so much fun. Im not totally vegetarian but i just try to be. 

I just following pre-order make up by makemeupplease on instagram. If the packages was arrived, i will posting in this blog. And in this march, i still want a lot of things. First, i just want alexander wang's bag and perfume Candy by Prada. I have ones of prada candy but the big one. I need the small one <3 p="">

PS : Happy birthday to my sexiest bestfriend, Vladia Valenda! Wish you all the best and stay young! <33 nbsp="" p="">


  1. I like that bag now. Nice pictures too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very nice photos dear :)

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